We Got Married!

We are pleased to share a few special scenes from our rainy-summer-wedding weekend.  Check back in October for posts from our honeymoon road trip through western US!

Photography by Milton Elise.

Locations: Pasadena City Hall and Pasadena residence.

115_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding527_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding470_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding462_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding 457_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding 345_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding-2294_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding339_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding489_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding031_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding210_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding267_Maria-and-Seth's-Pasadena-Wedding

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