Honeymoon: Greetings from Humbug Mountain State Park Oregon

We were so excited to go to Oregon for the first time! After being in the Arizona desert and California redwoods, we drove along the coast for the first time on this trip. The views were stunning!

Humbug Mountain State Park was only about an hour into Oregon. Most of the park was closed off for the season. The part that was closed was further from the 101 and deeper in the woodsy forest. Without a doubt, it was much nicer than the part that was open. The (open) front part of Humbug was clearly a hot spot for RV’s and campers. By the end of the day, the camp circle was full.

The campground was a short walk from a gorgeous Oregon beach. This beach was the reason we planned to stay here.

We had made a reservation online and miraculously picked a spot with access to a small river running through the park.

May I also note, these were the best bathrooms of the entire trip. No, not just of this trip, these were the cleanest bathrooms of any campground we had ever seen. They. were. spotless.

We checked in and set up camp. At this point we were like a well oiled machine when setting up. By we, I mean, mostly Seth.

Finally it was time to take a walk with our cameras! We walked through the closed-off campground to the sandy trail that would lead us to the beach. The environment was unusual. I was not used to seeing a thick forest by the beach, a river leading into the ocean, and tall thin grass atop mounds of sand… We hurried to finally get to the water.

We were the only ones there. Only our shoeprints marked the sand. The wind was so strong it immediately began erasing our trail.

The next day we headed back south into California. Into Southern California. In one day. Yes, you read that right! I’ll cover that drive in the next post.

Back to Oregon… How do I narrow down all the beautiful pictures??


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